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ERISA Law Attorney – Long Term Disability

Since 1991 Deborah A. Arbogast, Attorney at Law has provided superior legal advice for cases regarding long term disability claims under the ERISA act in Missouri and Illinois.

If you have become disabled and are no longer able to work, you may be eligible for disability benefits through your employer. Most employers offer short-term disability benefits for a period of time, followed by long term disability benefits, should you no longer be able to work. Once you apply for benefits and you are denied those benefits, Deborah A. Arbogast is fully committed to helping you with your disability concerns and issues.

Additionally, you may been granted long-term disability benefits only to be terminated after a period of time that you were approved and were receiving benefits. At times, this termination comes with little or no advance warning.

Once there has been a denial or termination, you must file an appeal prior to being permitted to proceed in the court system. Deborah A. Arbogast will assist you in the appeal process to ensure the best possible outcome.

If the appeal process does not result in a reversal of the decision to deny or terminate, then you may proceed to the court system. There are important time frames that must be met in order to preserve your claim to go the courts and Deborah A. Arbogast will assist you with all aspects of an appeal and litigation.

What is The ERISA Act?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (1974) protects individuals' employee benefits, including long term disability. All issues in the long term disability process are controlled by the ERISA law as long as your long term disability plan is a group plan that is obtained through your employer. Such a plan is considered an employee benefit, whether you pay all, or part of the premium for the long term disability coverage, or your employer pays the premium on your behalf.

Deborah A. Arbogast will assist you with all aspects of the long term disability plan in the event of a denial or termination of the benefit.

Why Choose Deborah A. Arbogast Attorney at Law?

  • 26 Years of Experience
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  • Responsive to your needs.
  • Former Registered Nurse with an understanding of your medical condition.
  • Committed and Compassionate Client Service.

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